About Us


We are an HR consulting firm that focuses on providing recruitment solutions to business clients in the MENA region. As our name suggests, we are deeply inspired by the renowned author Edward de Bono - one of the leading lights in the field of creative thinking, who pioneered the Green Hat concept of creative thinking. Based on this approach, we believe that there are alternate, unconventional solutions for the talent and HR issues companies face in the MENA region today.

Our Strengths

Our greatest asset is our human capital. We at Green Hat HR Consulting are passionate about recruitment, and our passion shows in the quality of our service. Our collective network of potential candidates is the cornerstone of our service. We cherish our strong capabilities in the areas of recruiting, researching, headhunting, networking, social media sourcing, candidate assessment, and persuasive communication.
We build on our capabilities by constantly undergoing training to improve ourselves as recruiters. We strive for continuous process improvement by developing, following and benchmarking best recruitment practices. Our understanding about various industries, talent market and local regulations coupled with our expertise in recruitment helps us to deliver quality service to our clients.
We have heavily invested in technology to provide efficient service turn around for our clients. This includes a well maintained in-house database with built-in search facilities, a strong online network and followership on both professional and social networking sites, state-of-the-art prospect & applicant tracking system.

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